Puppet Building

Lena Kießling

"If there was a puppeteer behind every monster, one wouldn't ever need to be afraid in darkness again, because they couldn't fit into cupboards and below beds anymore."

Contiguous to reality, not really in it, but still not yet in the field of the mythological, that's where puppetry fascinates me the most. Where do dream and reality intertwine to tell beautiful, mean, political, lyrical , brutal, touching stories, to make them come alive? That's what I am looking for. With the aid of puppets, objects, sounds, materials, rhythms, old and new stories.

Born 1985, first public performance with puppets 1995. Gaining a Diploma in puppetry at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart / Department of Puppetry, led by Prof. Werner Knoedgen, and at the Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland / Department of Puppetry, led by Dr. Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya, 2005-2010.

Taught a.o. by Richard Bradshaw, Rene Baker, Horst-J. Lonius, Pentti Halonen, Natan Gardah, Joachim Fleischer, Stephanie Rinke, Sylvia Wanke, Lucia Simons, Michael Mordo in the fields of puppetry, body expression, light technique, dramaturgy, puppet building and stage design.

Founding of the free professional travelling theatre Theater Anderland 2010.

(Co-)Productions (excerpt)

since 2012 Down, a zograscope,
cooperation with Johanna Seipelt
Ensemble Scenography, Performer
since 2011 Ghostcity, a walkable theatrical installation
Ensemble Scenography, Performer
2011 Das Schokoladenschiff by Felix Timmermanns,
Hör- und Schaubühne Stuttgart, Director: Stefanie Oberhoff
Commission: Puppet Building
2011 Der Gesang vom glücklichen Leben by P.O. Enquist,
Hör- und Schaubühne Stuttgart, Director: Johanna Pätzold
Commission: Scenography, Puppet Building
since 2010 Über die Felder und dann nach links, storytelling & puppetry,
cooperation with Hör- und Schaubühne Stuttgart
Ensemble Scenography, Puppet Building, Performer
since 2010 Iarnvith, Ensemble Quoiwasmitä, Director: Maija Linturi
Scenography, Puppet Building, Performer
2009 Eis und Heiß, Exhibition of Plastic-Waste-Objects
at Castle Kannawurf / work-scholarship of Künstlerhaus Thüringen
in cooperation with Johanna Pätzold
2009 Rabenjunge, animation movie, Director: Andrea Deppert
Team Puppet Building, Performer
2009 Kuningatar K. by Laura Ruohonen, Director: Maija Linturi
Commission: Scenography, Puppet Building
since 2008 Henriette, solo-performance, Director: Manfred Jahnke
Scenography, Puppet Building, Performer
2008-2009 Last Exit, Director: Stephanie Rinke
Ensemble Scenography & Puppet Building, Performer
since 2008 Doll-Y, Ensemble Doll-Y, Director: Iris Meinhardt
Ensemble Scenography, Performer
since 2007 COLORI, street theatre, Director: Werner Knoedgen, Lisa Thomas
2007-2008 Egyptian Messengers of the Gods, walkact on stilts
in cooperation with the Württemberg State Museum Stuttgart,
Director: Matthias Jungermann
since 2006 The Brides, street theatre, Director: Ines Müller-Braunschweig
info [at] lenakiessling . de